Phionik is an online platform for virtual events. One focus is networking during the events. With the Phionik, virtual avatars are part of every online event experience. With these individually configured avatars, attendees move around the trade fair grounds just like in real life and can get in touch with each other directly. By using the integrated (audio) chat tool, networking is simple and direct.


Phionik places networking at the centre. With the provider, avatars are therefore part of every virtual trade fair experience, which you can also customise and individualise yourself. Move freely through the fair as you would in the real world and interact with other avatars. This way, your virtual experience is very close to a real trade fair visit and creates a very special bond with your event.

User Areas

Für Vorträge gibt es verschiedene Varianten von großen, öffentlichen Auditorien bis hin zu privaten, passwortgeschützten Räumen. Live-Interaktion und Networking sind zentrale Prinzipien der virtuellen Messen. Branding oder Sponsoren Flächen sind gestaltbar und auf Wunsch können zusätzliche Elemente für stärkere Interaktion eingefügt werden. Aussteller können ihre Stände selbstständig an ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen. Die Kommunikation zwischen Ausstellern und Besuchern während des Live-Events ist über die integrierten (Audio-)Chat Tools gewährleistet.

Other features

For presentations, there are different options ranging from large, public auditoriums to private, password-protected rooms. Live interaction and networking are central principles of virtual trade fairs. Branding or sponsor spaces are designable and additional elements can be added for more interaction if desired. Exhibitors can independently adapt their booths to their needs. Communication between exhibitors and attendees during the live event is ensured via the integrated (audio) chat tools.

At a glance

Service: All-in-one solution, Poster rooms
Access: browser, mobile-responsive
Stage: bis zu x Besucher*innen
Booths: bis zu x Besucher*innen
Chat: private & public chat
Presentation: 3D
Other features: personal customer service during trade fair, data analysis


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