Find your Online Event Technology

More and more companies are venturing into the direction of virtual trade fairs and events – and are presenting them with major challenges. Because the now widespread and proven online meeting tools such as Zoom, Teams, GotoWebinar & Co. work excellently in a small, limited group, but cannot come close to replicating the diverse advantages of spontaneous contact and networking opportunities at trade fairs and congresses.

Fortunately, there are now many excellent online event tools around the world that can do just that. And since distances don’t matter in the digital world, you are spoilt for choice.


Companies should strive to impose as few technical hurdles as possible for their (potential) customers to participate in their virtual event. Either the necessary software must be easy and intuitive to install, or registration and participation simply runs via the browser.

Integration on the company website

Only a few technology providers offer trade fair and event solutions that can be completely integrated into any company website – including registration and participation. The integration of external technology on a company’s own website offers a major competitive advantage. This is even greater if the event can be provided with your own colours, fonts and branding. This gives participants the feeling that they are not even leaving the corporate environment. There is still a lot of room for improvement here!

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