With engesser virtual event gmbh and its brand EVE CONNEX, customers have a partner who supports them in the planning and implementation of their trade fair. The provider provides innovative virtual event platforms for the staging of virtual events.

EVE CONNEX develops customised solutions for digital projects, including virtual trade fairs, online congresses and virtual recruiting events.


EVE CONNEX presents itself as an expert in the virtual trade fair industry. The brand emphasises transparency, provides a look at the most important software for virtual trade fairs and finds the perfect solution for the digital project.

With its passion for digital emotions, EVE CONNEX offers a full or self-service package. With the full-service package, all services for the implementation and design of the virtual event are available. With the self-service package, customers learn the skills to implement and design an event through training. The full-service package from EVE CONNEX also offers a high level of transparency during the event, a large selection of languages and a wide range of chat options during the interactive, virtual event.

User areas

With EVE CONNEX, customers have the choice between different platforms, so they have the possibility to find a custom-fit solution for their digital project. In addition to the full- and self-service offers, the platforms offer, among other things, the possibility to integrate video chats, to use the applications mobile and to organise hybrid events. The feature of participant transparency, where visitors have access to the list of participants present, is particularly interesting.

Other features

EVE CONNEX offers consulting, planning and implementation of your virtual event and provides the appropriate platform for virtual events.

At a glance

Service: all-in-one solution, modular solution, hybride events
Access: browser, responsive design
Stage: up to 500+ visitors
Booth: up to 30+ visitors
Chat: privater & public chat
Presentation: 2D, 3D / VR / AR
Other features: Video chat, Moderated chat, Chat translation in up to 40 languages, Transparency about who is in which room, Competitions, Survey tools, Matchmaking tools, Payment interfaces, Profile cards, Extensive tracking & metrics tool, Learning Management


engesser virtual event gmbh

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71263 Weil der Stadt

Phone: +49 (0)7033 5487 859 4
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Website: eve-connex.com

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