MeetAnyway is an online tool provider that counts companies like BMW and institutions like LMU Munich among its customers. The youth education fair JuBi by weltweiser, a B2C fair for the target group of students and young adults as well as their parents and teachers, also runs very successfully on MeetAnyway’s platform.

Wherever people with the same interest want to come together and communicate with each other, MeetAnyway’s browser-based solution works perfectly.

View of MeetAnyway online fair

MeetAnyway is designed for events from 25 to 1,000 participants. In the example below, there are so-called tables that are hosted by exhibitors or hosts. With one click, 1 to 30 people – depending on the design – can sit down at the table and talk to each other. In this example, 4 people sit at a table with each other, with 1 person having the camera on display. Beyond tables for smaller groups, stages for several hundred audience* members are also possible.

The big advantage compared to the excellent video chat systems like Zoom, GotoWebinar or GotoMeeting is that you can move from table to table or from virtual room to virtual room or stage to stage at any time (spontaneously or according to a previously communicated agenda), just like you do on real trade show visits, at conferences or networking events. However, the other way around, e.g. Zoom can also be integrated into MeetAnyway, as far as this is desired.

Simplicity and Clarity

The trade show and event solutions we use offer additional advantages over other systems:

  • Registration and direct participation of users via simple login by name and email
  • Browser-based solution without downloads purely via webcam or Mobile phone
  • Division of the event space in various exhibitor areas, tables or internal departments
  • Variable addition of users in the exhibitor areas by click (max. 30 per event space recommended)
  • Background information such as text, PDF or even video can be added to each exhibitor
  • Diverse chat and video functions available
  • Presentation of the event in the branding of the organizer possible
  • Technical live chat: Immediate resolution of participants* technical issues

Multiple exhibitors per floor

Depending on the size of the event, it may make sense to create different thematic „floors“. In this way, you can guide exhibitors and visitors thematically or bring them together in a targeted manner, for example. Beyond the tables or rooms already presented, central presentation areas such as the Stage (stage with up to 1,000 visitors), trade fair info (FAQ and reception) and also a chill-out lounge can be implemented there.


You appear as a circle with your own picture (which you optionally upload before) or your initials. You then drag-and-drop from table to table, from room to room, from stage to stage or from floor to floor.

Of course, you can view background information from the exhibitor by clicking on the exhibitor’s image, such as PDF documents, videos or text information. You can also chat contact the exhibitor and of course the other participants. In addition, each visitor can see how users move from table to table and what is generally going on at your trade show.

At a glance

Service: All-in-one solution
Access: browser, mobile-responsive
Stages: up to 1.000 visitors
Rooms: up to 30 visitors
Chat: public & private chat
Presentation: 2D
Other features: screen share, kick & ban, live-support


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70567 Stuttgart

Anprechpartner: Erich Lehmann


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